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Dominion Lending Centre Edge Financial (FSCO #10710) Mortgage Product Line

At Dominion Lending Centre Edge Financial we have worked to create an exclusive in-house line up of mortgage products that will meet the needs of most Canadians. And we’re proud to provide the BEST value for your mortgage in the industry.

img31The Lemos Mortgage Agent Team
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Dominion Lending Centre Edge Financial mortgage and leasing professionals shop over 90 different banks, credit unions, and trust companies to meet your financing needs. We will search hundreds of lending products to find the best possible mortgage or leasing solution tailored to you.



Dominion Lending Centre Edge Financial is a proud member and close partner of Canada’s various mortgage broker membership associations and governing bodies. We screen each professional who joins us to ensure that they uphold our standards of unwavering integrity and professionalism.

After all, isn’t it better to have over 30 banks, credit unions, trust companies and alternate lenders compete for your business? Why walk into your bank branch when I already deal directly with the head office and can obtain the preferable rates they reserve for their wealthiest clients?


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