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Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial (FSCO # 10710) Mortgage Product Line

Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial, FSCO # 10710, is independently owned and operated.  Here we have work to create an exclusive in-house line up of mortgage products that will meet the needs of most Canadians. And we’re proud to provide the BEST value for your mortgage in the industry.

I started “The Lemos Team” as a Mortgage Agent under the premise that I could better serve my client’s needs with more than one lending institution at my disposal.

I started my team with 2 agents in 2007. I have a team of 6 licensed Mortgage Agents under me. I am exceedingly happy to have made the transition from the bank world to the broker side.

After all, isn’t it better to have over sixty banks, credit unions, trust companies and alternate lenders compete for your business? Why walk into your bank branch when I already deal directly with the head office and can obtain the preferable rates they reserve for their wealthiest clients?


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